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Bettina is among the foremost experts on language solutions in the relocation industry, serving as manager of strategic language projects. She specializes in product development, consulting, and market intelligence for Cartus’ worldwide language service line.

Language Zen: Five Tips for the Tourist Language Learner

If you are traveling to a foreign country on vacation this spring or summer, it isn’t too late to learn a few basics before you go. Though it’s true that most people in the tourism industry speak a little English, the locals you may meet will appreciate your efforts to try to speak their language! Learning a few basic words and phrases will enhance your trip and may even eliminate some frustration along the way.
The latest research shows that language-learner strategies, that is, knowing how to learn a language, are critical to success. With that in mind, here are a [...] Read More

Cartus Global eLearning: Is Fluency Enough? Working Toward Effective Communication

An eLearning next Tuesday, May 25, will be broadcast in all three Cartus regions (Primacy clients and prospects will also be attending) and will address issues of fluency and effective business communication. Alyssa Bantle, Training Consultant, Cartus, and I will discuss how fluency in English has become a generally accepted standard for doing business in many parts of the world, with more assignees than ever being fluent in the language. But is “fluency” enough?  Will technical mastery alone enable assignees to adjust their English and communication skills so that they may do business in a new country and a new [...] Read More

The Olympic Games: a cultural crossroads

Watching the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games reminds me of how amazing it feels to be present at the Olympics. I volunteered at the Summer Olympic Games in Greece in 2004, and it was an inspiring experience on so many levels—from receiving my security badge with the official Olympics seal, to meeting a member of a European royal family and athletes such as Carl Lewis, to exchanging commemorative Olympic pins with other volunteers. | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | © 2015 Cartus Corporation