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Economic Immigration to the UK: A Consultation on the Annual Limit

Following its election in May 2010, the UK Coalition Government has announced its intention to introduce an annual limit (cap) on the number of non-EU economic migrants admitted to the UK to live and work. Limits or caps are currently utilised in various forms in a number of countries, and this move follows the establishment of the UK Immigration Points Based System set up in November 2008, which streamlined UK immigration.

Following this announcement, the UK’s independent Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) has been asked by the Government to manage a consultation process on certain aspects of the limit’s permanent level and how it might be achieved. The Consultation period has commenced and will run until 7 September 2010.

The intention to introduce an annual immigration limit has implications for organisations relocating non-EU employees into the UK and the MAC is keen to hear from companies with any interest in any aspect of their consultation

In addition, our global immigration partner Fragomen LLP is actively participating in the MAC consultation and is compiling a detailed response as part of this process.

Cartus has sent a MobilityInsights document on this subject to clients in the EMEA region.

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Rob Abbott
Posted by
Rob Abbott
August 13, 2010

Rob Abbott

Robert is vice president of Client Services, EMEA. He has almost three decades of relocation experience, specializing in both the UK domestic and international mobility arenas.

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