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Metro Atlanta Relocation Council “Melts” Atlanta

On Thursday, February 10, the Metro Atlanta Relocation Council (MARC) held its annual Education Forum. Though air temperatures were below 32 degrees and an inch of snow was predicted to fall on Atlanta during the night, the Council’s members and guests, including Mike Puckett, director, of business development at Cartus, and I were not deterred from turning out in force. Fortunately, the snow did not affect driving conditions. So while the storm may have fallen short of predictions, MARC’s Educational Forum surely did deliver.

The full-day event started with an observant examination of the global economy presented by Cris Collie of the Collie Gorg Group, who shared his insights on the global economy and its impact on the relocation industry. Two corporate clients also shared their business conditions and outlooks for the Southeast for 2011. Next on the agenda, a power panel consisting of two corporate members and two service members talked about international hot topics and trends, riveting the audience with real examples of challenges facing their companies, from evacuations in Egypt to trailing compensation and the continued need for education and information sharing between service members and clients, all for the betterment of the customer experience.

The afternoon sessions did not fall short either, starting with a remake of a popular Worldwide ERC® session entitled, “Ask the Contacts.” Panelists sitting behind a screen answered unprepared, pop questions from the audience for an insightful and fun approach to learning the answers to “tough questions you were afraid to ask” about the industry. The day was capped with the session “Reg X and Lending Changes.” Another panel of industry experts educated the audience on the unprecedented changes in the mortgage industry and how the industry has responded to these changes.

Our thanks to the MARC event organizers who put together a truly educational day that featured professionals representing every segment of our industry. It was a great opportunity to touch base with colleagues and meet new ones. MARC has certainly created a recipe for cooking up a warm success – a nice way to melt off the February snow. As a Connecticuter, I really needed that this year.

MARC is one of many successful regional ERC Councils in the country, with a large and growing membership list.

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Bill Tully
Posted by
Bill Tully
February 17, 2011

Bill Tully

Bill has worked in a variety of roles in account management and operations for more than 17 years, and currently serves as director, Global Client Services. He has worked on various special assignments such as Six Sigma projects.

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