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Celebrating Earth Day: Skip the Unleaded, My Car Runs on Water

For the past eight years, the Cartus Conservation Committee has sponsored an Earth Day event, and last week we did it again. Every year, our employees look forward to seeing the latest pro-environment products and services that are on display in our conference center. This year, it was another not-to-be-missed exhibit with lots of great vendors.

 A new vendor this year was Shred-it, a service that will shred all those personal papers you don’t know what to do with and that don’t fit in those little home shredders. I was really excited to welcome Steve Schappert and his BIOS WaterCar, which turns water into hydrogen. What a way to beat those high gas prices! And if $4-plus for a gallon of gas isn’t your thing, then MetroPool would love to talk to you! Their reps were on site to tell folks all the good reasons for ride sharing to work instead of driving alone. Check out to find someone in your area to carpool with.

I also talked to Ross Solar about adding some solar panels to my house. I picked up a ton of information on ways to save energy at my house, plus some nice giveaways from vendors such as Trader Joe’s and Staples!

 The Conservation Committee works hard all year on a variety of environmental projects. The ride-sharing programs here at Cartus have won several national and state awards, and this past January, Cartus received a Best Workplace for Commuters Gold Medal Award from the University of South Florida’s National Center for Transit Research. The Conservation Committee supports monthly visits from MetroPool and a Cartus Ride Share Day in the fall. We have a can recycling program and during the summer, various departments sign up to pick up the trash along Kenosia Avenue to support the City of Danbury Adopt-A-Street program. We also sponsor a Farmers’ Market in the summer with lots of fresh produce.

I hope you enjoyed Earth Day as much as I did!

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Mark Langdon
Posted by
Mark Langdon
May 2, 2011

Mark Langdon

As service delivery manager, Mark has been on site in the Danbury office for 19 years managing our facilities services, and promoting our award-winning ride share program, annual Earth Day event, and Adopt-A-Street projects.

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