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What Goes Into Packing and Shipping These Days? Listen to the Cartus eLearning and Find Out

One of the largest investments with any relocation can be the transportation of household goods. Over the past 18 months, the effects of the current economy and rising fuel prices have impacted the movement trends of household goods in the domestic U.S. sector. At the same time, international markets have been dealing with changing import/export markets, currency swings, and a shortage of shipping capacity.

Is 2011 proving to be any different? Presenter Jim Edwards, vice president, supply chain management at Cartus, will explain the current trends in household goods so that you can plan more effectively and help set the expectations of your business units and transferees.

Participants of this eLearning will:

• Gain an understanding of current market trends in the household goods industry
• Learn about alternatives to the traditional household goods shipping model
• Learn how to address these concerns with internal business units
• Provide realistic expectations with regards to the shipping of their household goods

If you are interested in attending the eLearning and have not received an invitation, please email your request to

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Shelley Northrop
Posted by
Shelley Northrop
June 7, 2011

Shelley Northrop

Shelley is vice president, Marketing for Cartus. She’s been with Cartus more than 15 years and has more than two decades experience in global relocation and real estate marketing.

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