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See What I Mean: Supplier Relationships Are Central to What We Do

As the person who leads the Cartus Supply Chain Management group, I have an opportunity to work with a wide range of suppliers, all of whom help us provide trusted guidance to employees being moved to San Diego, Stockholm, Shanghai, and thousands of points in between. The commitment that Cartus’ supply chain network managers and these suppliers have made to delivering high-quality service is extraordinary, and we value the relationships that have developed between us.

At our last Global Network Conference, we asked some of our suppliers to record their thoughts on working with us. From that footage, we created five videos, each focused on a specific topic, to share with members of the Cartus community. These feature overall comments on working with Cartus, Cartus’ technology, communication with Cartus, Cartus’ performance management, and the Cartus partnership.

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to illustrate the power of the Cartus network and provide a view of an important part of our business.

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Pat DeDonato
Posted by
Pat DeDonato
June 22, 2011

Pat DeDonato

Pat is senior vice president, Supply Chain Management and Real Estate Services, responsible for the management of the Cartus Destination Services Provider Network. She also leads the customer marketing assistance and inventory management departments.

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