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Cartus’ Danbury Employees Make it Clear: This is THE Place to Be!

What a tribute! Last Thursday, it was my great pleasure to announce to a room packed with employees that Cartus Danbury has been voted one of the “TOP WORKPLACES” in Connecticut. I told the more than 1,100 Danbury employees who took the time to participate in the survey that their overwhelmingly positive responses won this honor for us, and I truly believe that.

Our selection was based on the responses of Cartus employees who participated in’s “Top Workplaces 2011” survey. Of nearly 700 companies that were invited to take part, only 35 were selected. Cartus was one of 10 large companies chosen.

A special section on the awards was included in the Sept. 18 issues of local newspapers; check out the article that talks about some of the perks our employees enjoy. This YouTube video shows some of our employees’ reactions to the award!

Below are some of the survey responses that our employees gave:

    • “I love my job at Cartus because I am energized, challenged, and surrounded by great people.”


    • “I love my job because each day is different. There is nothing mundane about my job. I love interacting globally and being exposed to different cultures.”


    • “The open door policy. I am confident that I can reach out to senior management without intimidation.”


Comments like these make us both pleased and proud—of our employees! A large and heartfelt thanks to them for this honor.

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Kevin Kelleher
Posted by
Kevin Kelleher
September 21, 2011

Kevin Kelleher

With 30 years of relocation management experience, Cartus President & CEO Kevin Kelleher has led the company on high growth and global expansion strategies, inclusive of multiple acquisitions and the creation of new products.

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