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HIPs No Longer Required for UK Home Sellers

The new UK Coalition Government has announced today that the requirement for homeowners to provide a Home Information Pack (HIP) when selling a home in England and Wales has been suspended with immediate effect. This move is part of delivering a key manifesto commitment made by both parties before the UK’s recent General Election.

Home sellers however, will still be required to commission an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), but they do not have to receive it before commencing marketing on the property.  Properties offered for sale in Scotland are not included in this suspension and will still require a Home Report as before.

As a result of today’s announcement, Cartus will no longer be instructing HIPs as part of the process within our Home Sale relocation service in England and Wales. However, we will continue to commission an EPC on each home in England and Wales that we market on a client’s behalf. 

This potentially provides a welcome cost saving for employers relocating staff within England and Wales on permanent transfers involving a home sale. Whilst the EPC is still required as part of the sale process, the cost of this item is lower than that of a HIP.

For more information, see Communities and Local Government’s announcement of the change as well as questions and answers.

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Rob Abbott
Posted by
Rob Abbott
May 20, 2010

Rob Abbott

Robert is vice president of Client Services, EMEA. He has almost three decades of relocation experience, specializing in both the UK domestic and international mobility arenas.

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  1. Roger Lawrie
    Posted June 2, 2010 at 9:13 am | Permalink

    With HIPS gone, there is still a requirement for Energy Performance Certificates, but many businesses don’t realise there are also regulations on Air conditioning Inspection and this is not part of the normal service and maintenance regime.

    CIBSE has just launched their “Non Compliance Costs Campaign”, as there is compelling case supporting the need for Air conditioning Inspection. Energy Performance Air conditioning Inspections are enabling significant energy savings to be made. These inspections are required as part of Climate Change legislation, yet despite a payback often measured only in months, CIBSE (The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers) report that rates of compliance are less than 5%.

    Envitae, specialists in energy compliance, provides lots of useful information and guidance on the requirement for independent a/c energy assessment and points out that inspection is the responsibility of the system operator, who is often the tenant.

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