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Cartus & Primacy Roundtable Seminar in Singapore a Success!

Cartus & Primacy APAC held the first in a series of Roundtable seminars on 2 June at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore.

Entitled, Looking Forward – Challenges & Strategies for Global Mobility Policies and Practices, the one day session presented the results of Cartus’ 2010 survey which was followed by a Panel Discussion on trends and issues in the APAC region with a group of distinguished panelists including Cartus corporate clients and leading experts from the world of global mobility. Topics such as localization, trailing spouses, cultural barriers and differences, and expatriate ROI, which are key concerns of HR practitioners in the region, generated much interest and discussion from the participants.

Included in the seminar were presentations on the current Housing Market in Singapore, on Outsourcing, and guest speaker Yvonne McNulty from Monash University in Australia closed the event with a fascinating session on Managing Expatriate ROI.

If you missed the Roundtable seminar in Singapore, we are hosting two further events in Hong Kong and Shanghai on June 23 and July 29. As attendance at these 2 events is by invitation only, please notify us of your interest by contacting for more details.

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Kenneth Kwek
Posted by
Kenneth Kwek
June 7, 2010

Kenneth Kwek

Kenneth is senior vice president, General Manager of the APAC region. Worldwide ERC has honored him with the Meritorious Service Award.

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