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Relocating to Netherlands: Immigration Update

Immigration can be one of the biggest challenges relocation professionals face when managing a global mobility programme. Our latest Cartus Mobility Insights provides an immigration update for international assignees moving to the Netherlands.
No Additional Work Permits for Non-EU Workers
Encouragingly for organisations, legislation has been introduced to simplify the work permit process for non-EU nationals working as cross-border service providers. Non-EU workers who already have legal residence and a work permit from an EU country may temporarily provide a service to a company in the Netherlands, without having to apply for additional work permits, as they were required to do previously.

New UK Coalition Government Announces Policy Priorities – Potential Relocation Impact Possible

After May’s dramatic UK General Election results, the new Coalition Government has announced its first set of policies. Taking place on 25 May 2010, the Queen’s Speech traditionally follows a new Government coming to power and outlines what the Government’s priorities are for the coming year.
The Speech touched on several areas that may potentially impact relocation to, and within, the UK in the future, although further policy planning work is still needed before the exact details can be published.
The UK Government plans to introduce an annual cap on non EU immigration although the actual limit is yet to be announced. [...] Read More