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Relocating to Indonesia: What You Need to Know

Indonesia is one of Southeast Asia’s largest economies and has enjoyed rapid development in recent decades. The most frequent relocation destination for expatriates is the capital city of Jakarta. Our latest Emerging Market Watch on Indonesia discusses the key challenges that international assignees may face when living and working there.
Spread across a chain of thousands of islands, Indonesia has the world’s largest Muslim population. For those relocating there, the country offers the world’s largest Buddhist site at Borobudur, the temples of Prambanan, and the beautiful beaches of Bali. Watch the Cartus On the Ground video on Indonesia to find out [...] Read More

Cartus Shortlisted in 2015 Re:locate Awards

We’re delighted to announce that Cartus has been shortlisted in the Relocation Service Provider of the Year category at the 2015 Re:locate Magazine Awards, for our global supply chain excellence.
Global Supply Chain Excellence
In our 60 years of providing relocation solutions, we have honed our supply chain process, learning practical lessons and updating our strategies so that when our clients ask us for guidance, we have the tools and knowledge to deliver. From cost saving initiatives to our dedicated ISO 9001:2008-certified processes, our global supply chain management team ensures that organisations and their international assignees achieve relocation success.
Re:locate Award
Organised by leading [...] Read More

Relocating to Vietnam: What You Need to Know

Located in Southeast Asia, Vietnam is known for its beautiful landscape and welcoming people. Our latest Emerging Market Watch on Vietnam discusses the key challenges that international assignees may face when living and working in the country.
Those relocating there should be sure to visit the Mekong Delta in southwestern Vietnam, which offers colorful floating markets, fruit orchards, rice paddies, villages, and bird sanctuaries. The bustling Ho Chi Minh City, located along the Saigon River, is also not to be missed. Watch the Cartus On the Ground video on Vietnam to find out more about this emerging market destination.

Relocating to Poland: What You Need to Know

Located in Central Europe, the Republic of Poland is becoming a frequent destination for international assignees. Our latest Market Watch on Poland discusses the challenges that assignees may face when moving there.
Challenges for International Assignees
There is a distinct divide between availability of properties in major cities and the rest of the country, with the general rule being the smaller the city, the less housing available. Cities like Warsaw, Lodz, Wroclaw, and Krakow provide a good selection of expatriate accommodation, including apartments and houses. Outside of these metropolises, it is unusual for locals to rent a property, and this means [...] Read More

Relocating to Netherlands: Immigration Update

Immigration can be one of the biggest challenges relocation professionals face when managing a global mobility programme. Our latest Cartus Mobility Insights provides an immigration update for international assignees moving to the Netherlands.
No Additional Work Permits for Non-EU Workers
Encouragingly for organisations, legislation has been introduced to simplify the work permit process for non-EU nationals working as cross-border service providers. Non-EU workers who already have legal residence and a work permit from an EU country may temporarily provide a service to a company in the Netherlands, without having to apply for additional work permits, as they were required to do previously.