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Measuring Expatriate ROI – Do You Consider The Whole Picture?

Organizations spend billions of dollars annually to move expatriates around the world. Yet, year-on-year, many companies struggle to manage and improve the return on investment (ROI) from these expensive assignments.
More employees are seeking international experience as part of developing their career and fulfilling their work-life ambitions, yet the individual return on investment they seek is often overlooked.
Based on my soon-to-be-released book, Managing Expatriates: A Return on Investment Approach (Business Expert Press, 2013), I was very happy to share some of the findings from my 10-year study of expatriate ROI and the changing model of expatriation at Cartus’ 2013 Roundtable recently [...] Read More

Cartus & Primacy Roundtable Seminar in Singapore a Success!

Cartus & Primacy APAC held the first in a series of Roundtable seminars on 2 June at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore.
Entitled, Looking Forward – Challenges & Strategies for Global Mobility Policies and Practices, the one day session presented the results of Cartus’ 2010 survey which was followed by a Panel Discussion on trends and issues in the APAC region with a group of distinguished panelists including Cartus corporate clients and leading experts from the world of global mobility. Topics such as localization, trailing spouses, cultural barriers and differences, and expatriate ROI, which are key concerns of HR practitioners in [...] Read More