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How Can You Manage Risk for Your Mobility Program?

When you’re moving employees around the world, the stakes are high, and so are the challenges. The Cartus Supply Chain team works with those challenges firsthand and on a day-to-day basis: how to evaluate – and secure – the right housing; how to address issues such as security, schooling, and transportation. These issues can quickly turn into cost, compliance, and risk for companies, especially for moves into unfamiliar locations or those with particularly daunting challenges or complex regulatory requirements.

Cartus Global Network Grows Again | Video Highlights of Another Banner Year

No company relies on the hard work of just one person. That’s why Cartus was proud to host more than 390 attendees, representing 192 companies and 42 countries, at its recent 13th annual Global Network Supplier Conference in Dallas, TX, celebrating this year’s accomplishments.
Our theme, “Here We Grow Again,” focused on recognizing the outstanding achievements and collective success of our valued service providers, with a focus on being globally connected and locally inspired—both vital elements to our continuing growth as the market leader. Our educational rotating workshops, general training sessions, and network-specific meetings provided the framework for achieving goals and [...] Read More

A Strong Supply Chain | The Key To Global Relocation Results

In the nearly 60 years since Cartus was first established, the company has dramatically expanded across the globe and one of the most critical supports for that growth is a well-oiled supply chain. Successfully moving people into more than 165 countries takes a keen focus on customer service and an absolute dedication to their needs. It also takes the arms and legs—the expertise on the ground—to make that dedication a reality in the face of a rapidly expanding list of locations where our clients are moving their people. Cartus’ dedicated supply chain managers in the Americas, EMEA, and APAC together [...] Read More

What Smart Home Buyers Need to Know about Older Homes

Older homes have a lot of character and are often the best buys on the market. But they may also have issues that are worth reading up on. For instance, back in the 1990s, home builders used a synthetic stucco product that proved extremely problematic. Though attractive and inexpensive when compared with traditional stucco, the product was unable to drain moisture. This resulted in significant damage to the exteriors and underlying structures of many homes and commercial buildings.
Subsequently, the construction industry modified these systems to provide drainability, which proved to be successful as long as flashing and drainage systems were [...] Read More

Trends in Domestic and International Household Goods | Cartus Podcasts

A very important component of moving key people around the world involves moving their belongings – what I like to refer to as precious cargo. This includes those possessions that we categorize as the household goods shipment which helps transform a residence into a home.
I had the opportunity to catch up with two members of the Cartus Supply Chain Management group who work with moving services vendors on a daily basis. This resulted in two Cartus podcast discussions on Trends in the Domestic and International Household Goods Industry. The first podcast features the commentary of Jim Edwards, vice president, while [...] Read More