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Summer at Cartus: Picnics, Relaxed Dress Code, and Interns!

How many of you remember your first “real” job … you know, the one where you got up early every day, showed up on time, and actually got paid?  The one that was perhaps a springboard for your grown-up career? The one that meant the end of staying out until 3 a.m. on a Wednesday night and sleeping until noon the next day? (We all did that, right? OK, maybe that was just me.) Cartus’ Danbury office has a fresh new batch of 42 interns for the summer, all eager to launch their adult lives and get a taste of their first corporate job.

The interns were welcomed at a breakfast at the Danbury headquarters June 7, where they heard messages from senior leadership and former interns. The students’ backgrounds are as colorful and diverse as their personalities, and they are currently employed in Client Services, Customer Finance, and Moving Services. Having been referred to Cartus by current employees or found at local job fairs, most are local residents who represent 24 universities and 17 majors. They are interested in obtaining real-life corporate experience, and Cartus’ goal is to eventually convert them to permanent employees.  Sixteen interns returned from 2012, and seven interns from 2012 have since been hired as permanent Cartus employees.

After an introduction and overview by Amy Meichner (SVP, HR), Bill Wilson (General Manager/SVP, Client Services) let the students know how important their roles were in supporting our staff during Cartus’ peak summer season. He also stressed that this is a great opportunity for them to learn how a professional corporate environment feels.

Bob Olmsted (SVP, Customer Finance) kept it light, saying “Work hard, but have fun!” He also provided some sound life advice: “You are in charge of your own destiny—if you want to advance, you need to be proactive and make it happen. There are many opportunities here, but you need to seek them out and pursue them.”  Additionally, the interns were encouraged to submit ideas they might have for process improvements, as Cartus recognizes that sometimes those fresh, young brains are creative and full of out-of-the-box ideas.  (Hmmm … maybe I should get one of them to submit a request for a 4-day work week and free lunches!)

The students and managers also heard commentary from several former interns, now permanent employees, who recounted their career paths at Cartus.

At the end of the summer, the interns will be evaluated by their managers on performance and may be eligible to be nominated as “Intern of the Summer.” They also have an opportunity to nominate their managers for “Manager of the Summer,” and to compete for a $500 scholarship by submitting an essay about their experience and how they were able to apply their schooling to their jobs. The interns are encouraged to submit evaluations of Cartus (how we measured up to their expectations); these may help us to improve our programs or processes for the future. 

Next month, interns will also be joining our Cartus teams in Swindon and London. Be on the lookout for upcoming posts written by some of these bright, creative interns!

Cartus interns … make the difference!

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Laura Kavanaugh
Posted by
Laura Kavanaugh
June 12, 2013

Laura Kavanaugh

Laura, a human resources manager, has been with the company for 12 years. She is the HR liaison for the Work/Life and Esprit de Corps committees and leads the Cartus internship program.

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