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What IS Earth Day?

We all know that Earth Day is a day of betterment for the planet, but why exactly do we celebrate it, and where did it ever come from? The answers to those questions are a bit surprising, especially when you find out that the Vietnam War helped inspire it.
U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin was inspired to act after witnessing the devastation caused by the massive 1969 oil spill in Santa Barbara, California. Nelson saw the spirit and passion of anti-war protesters at the time and knew that if he could inspire others to feel the same passion about the [...] Read More

Cartus’ First International Transit Day—Get Your Ride On!

Alternative forms of transportation: Fred Flintstone did it. George Jetson did it. Heck, even Wonder Woman did it! Well, we don’t exactly have hovercrafts or invisible airplanes, but we do have plenty of other options, such as bicycles, trains, subways, and buses. In fact, many of our employees use these forms of transportation to get to and from work every day. This year, the Cartus Conservation Committee in Danbury sponsored our inaugural International Transit Day. Cartus employees all over the world joined together on this one day to make a positive impact on the environment by sharing a ride, walking, [...] Read More

Cartus Celebrates Earth Day

The Cartus Conservation Committee works hard all year on a number of different projects. One such initiative is our ride sharing program, which has earned numerous state and national awards. The committee also supports the city of Danbury’s Adopt-A-Street program during the spring and summer months and our fall Cartus Ride Share Day, as well as an in-house can and bottle recycling program. But our biggest and best event of the year is our Cartus Earth Day Event.
This year was our 9th annual Earth Day with 22 outside vendors attending—a great way to share environmental information with Cartus employees who [...] Read More

Celebrating Earth Day: Skip the Unleaded, My Car Runs on Water

For the past eight years, the Cartus Conservation Committee has sponsored an Earth Day event, and last week we did it again. Every year, our employees look forward to seeing the latest pro-environment products and services that are on display in our conference center. This year, it was another not-to-be-missed exhibit with lots of great vendors.
 A new vendor this year was Shred-it, a service that will shred all those personal papers you don’t know what to do with and that don’t fit in those little home shredders. I was really excited to welcome Steve Schappert and his BIOS WaterCar, which turns [...] Read More